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Field fence TM Kazachka

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Exports department:
Elena Dultseva
Skype: metizy94import,
E-mail: metizy94diler@ukr.net
tel +380 67 6134135

Except fencing wire panels TM Kazachka which differ enhanced corrosion protection, we supply field fence TM Kazachka which is the cheapest fencing. Only barbed wire strung in rows can be compared in price with field fence.

Field fence TM Kazachka is cheap fencing (0.3-0.6 $/m2).

Marking of field fence Kazachka

Dear customers, we own rights for trademark Kazachka in Ukraine. But for export we mark this field fence as folowing:

Field fence galvanized a/b/c,

  • a - fence height in cm,
  • b - horizontal wires quantity in field fence Kazachka (you can count then on the scheme below for every height),
  • c - cell width in cm.

You can always buy Metizy-94 with low price such kinds of field fence::

  • field fence Kazachka 100/8/15,
  • field fence Kazachka 120/12/15,
  • field fence Kazachka 130/11/15,
  • field fence Kazachka 150/15/15,
  • field fence Kazachka 150/21/15,
  • field fence Kazachka 160/15/15,
  • field fence Kazachka 200/15/15,
  • field fence Kazachka 200/25/15.
  • by your order we can supply field fence with other height and size: 200/22/15, 200/17/15, 180/24/15, 160/23/15, 150/13/15, 140/22/15, 140/11/15.
  • Standart wire diameter 2.5 mm at the edges and 2.0 mm in the middle of the cloth; AND 2.0 mm at the edges and 1.6 mm in the middle.
  • Horizontal size of the cell may be not only 15 cm but also 30 cm.

Description of field fence

Vertical wire of cells of this fence is bolted to the horizontal wire base with the help of the hinge knot.

Шарнирный узел, который формирует ячейку сетки Казачка облегченной

Bottom cells have a distance between the horizontal wires 5 cm, and the top cells - 20 cm. In intervals cell height gradually increases, first to 10 cm, and then to 15 cm.

Ячейки сетки казачка облегченной

The diameter of the upper and lower horizontal wires 2.5 mm. The diameter of the rest wires is 2.0 mm. It is possible to use upper and lower wire with a diameter 3.0 mm or 2,2mm.
Field fence Kazachka is made only galvanized wire.

Packing of field fence Kazachka

Рулоны сетки Казачка облегченной


Field fence Kazachka is supplied in rolls with 50 running meters.
Standart height of rolls is 1.0 m, 1.2 m, 1.3 m, 1.5 m, 1.6 m, 2.0 m.
Rolls of field fence Kazachka are packed with plastic film or are supplied without packaging. 

Use of field fence Kazachka

This wire mesh is used for installing the cheapest fencing. Field fence Kazachka is used for fencing gardens, Заборами из сетки Казачка облегченной огораживают сады, vineyards (fencing protects trees and vines hares), as well as roads, forests.
Horizontal wires of field fence Kazachka in country sites serve as a support for climbing plants: flowers, cucumbers. Field fences Kazachka are also used as temporary fencing for construction.

Сетка Казачка облегченная в качестве опоры для вьюнков Сетка Казачка облегченная используется для ограждения пастбищ Сетка Казачка облегченная в качестве временного ограждения стройки

Fence for hunting farms may also have exactly this form.
After all hunting grounds need to fence large areas and they need to do it at the lowest possible price. This mesh is ordered for hunting farms, it is necessary to fence roes, deer and wild boar.
However, pigs are such creatures that smash any obstacle. So for them Kazachka lightweight mesh is produced high carbon wire, which has a higher tensile strength.
That is why field fence Kazachka is often called "forest fence". After all, it is used also for fencing of the landing of the young trees to protect them animals that like to eat young trees.
But for those cases there are suggestions that wild boars will tear this mesh, we supply chain-link wire mesh with height 3-4 meters, with a cell 75 mm made of wire 3 mm. Cell 75 mm significantly reduces the cost of mesh netting and wire 3 mm gives it greater strength.
Therefore, forestry and hunting farms can receive in our company exactly that mesh for fencing hunting and forestry, that will fit their requirements.
During the installation of the fence there is a problem, how to pull the grid so that it does not sag.

In the video below our buyer installs budget field fence at the facility.

You can buy an analogue of field fence Kazachka made of wire 1.8 mm. It will be cheaper. But in the winter fallen snow begins to melt and compacted by stretching thin wire. Therefore, you should know that we can reduce the cost of field fence by reducing the diameter of the wire. But does it worth it?...

Price of field fence Kazachka

Price Kazachka lightweight mesh is the lowest price of meshes for fences. If on June 10, 2014 the cost of galvanized chain-link fence 50*2.0 2.0 meters high was 34.58 UAH per running meter, the price for field fence Kazachka with similar height was 22.38 UAH per running meter. A simple calculation shows that the price for field fence Kazachka 54% lower than the price of similar chain-link fence.
But low price for mesh iftself is not all. For the installation of field fence you need to install pillars not every 2.5-3 m but at distance 4 to 5 meters. This makes an additional saving to the lowest price for field fence Kazachka. 

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