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Chain-link fencing

Metizy-94 supplies chain-link fencing since 1997. Main types of chain-link fencing which You can buy us:

Chain-link fencing galvanized and non galvanized Chain-ling fencing TM Kazachka with PVC coating
Chain-link fencing galvanized and non galvanized Chain-ling fencing TM Kazachka with PVC coating

In order to buy chain-link fencing You should just send us a request specifying the size and the quantity You need and your contact information. You can send a request to an e-mail metizy94market@ukr.net
Our specialists will contact You in shortest time and tell you the terms of delivery and price of chain-link fencing.

Buying chain-ling fencing on Metizy-94 You get such advantages:

  • 7 years guarantee for chain-link fencing TM Kazachka with PVC coating.
  • You can buy fencing with height up to 4 m, cell up to 100 mm and wire diameter up to 6 mm.
  • Hot dip galvanizing. It means it will begin to rust not in 4-5 years but in 10-15 years!
  • The wire diameter will match your order but not 10-15% less.
  • You can buy chain-link fencing with spiny top, what makes it harder to overcome it, for a regular chain-link fencing price.


Technical specification of chain-link fencing

You can buy us chain-link fencing with cell 10 to 100 mm and roll height to 4 meters!
If You do not want to accept strangers to Your territory, You can buy chain-link fencing with twisted upper ends and curver lower.

chain-link fencing with twisted upper ends

The peculiarity of this fencing is that even if the barbed wire is abcent it`s very hard to overcome it.
If barbed wire can be cut, you should cut every spike in chain-link fencing with spiny top.
And the main: price for chain-link fencing with spiny top is the same as regular chain-link fencing with curved ends.

Chain-link fencing is also used for other not less useful purposes: sieving sand, clay and other loose materials, manufacturing cells, reinforcing the plaster layer.
You can buy such chain-link fencing Metizy-94, PE:

  • with no coating,
  • hot dip galvanized,
  • with PVC (polyvinyl chloride) coating,
  • galvanized with PVC coating.
  • wire diameter which spiral is produced - 1.2-6 mm;
  • roll height of chain-link fenccing: 1-4 м;
  • Zinc coating of wire is 60-90 g/m2;
  • the ends of the rolls are packed with paper or polyethylene and tied crosswise.
  • spirals ends curved or twisted in spinelike on the top of the roll;

Types of coating of chain-link fencing

In addition to strength, you want chain-link fensing to serve many years and without rust. For this chain-link fencing is protected against corrosion with a help of:

  • zinc,
  • polyvinyl chloride (PVC),
  • zinc with polyvinyl chloride.

The more zinc is the longer time chain-link fencing will not rust.
But zink is expensive.
What will happen if You will use wire with thicker zinc coating for producing chain-link fencing?
Chain-link fencing will become a little more expensive... and will serve You for a long time but not 2-3 years like it happens with unchecked manufacturers
It means, in order to buy chain-link fencing which will serve You for a long time, You should buy fencing with quiet thick zinc layer.

Nowadays there is electro galvanized wire on the market, which seems like common hot dip galvanized wire, but it has 10-20 g/m2 of zinc instead of 60-90 g/m2. Fence such wire will serve You 1-3 years before it will begin to rust. But You need fencing to serve 10-25 years!!!

If you are a trader, it`s also profitably to buy chain-link fencing with high zinc content. After all, do You want your customers to bring You profit constantly? They will do it if they`ll buy QUALITY goods You!

But zinc helps with corrosion not anways!
Sea air, acid rain, the ammonia the manure pit, turning into nitric acid, easily destroy chain-link fencing zinc layer.
For using chain-link fencing in such agressive environments it is prodiced with PVC coating.
Special additives should be added to PVC in order it does not crack in the cold to -30С degrees and does not fade in the sun.
We deliver for you chain-link fencing coated with this PVC, which is imported EU and has more than -30C degrees frost resistance.

Rolls of chain-link fencing:

Most of the Ukrainian manufacturers of chain-link fencing produce it 1-2 meters high.
For some uses, such as for fencing tennis courts, playgrounds, storage enterprises, fences for pig farms and other specific areas You need chain-link fencing with more height.
Chain-link fencing with height up to 4 meters, supplied by Metizy-94, is used for fencing tennis courts, sports fields, in livestock.
Chain-link fencing with height 2 m and less price will be a bit less than the same with height more than 2 m.

Chain-link fencing is packed in rolls with 10 running meters. You can also order longer rolls.
On a big consignment of chain-link fencing with long rolls price of it lowers a little.
The rolls are packaged at the ends with burlap, polymer film, paper.
The ends of the chain-link fencing when storing in some places break through the packaging and cling to each other spirals.
Disengagement of grappled rolls is hard and long, so it`s not recommended to shift chain-link fencing place to place.
The rolls have a common and compact winding.

Rolls of chain-link fencing in compact packaging
Rolls of chain-link fencing in compact packaging
Rolls of chain-link fencing in common bulk packaging
Rolls of chain-link fencing in common bulk packaging

In compact packaging spirals are in close contact and roll has less diameter.
Such roll is cheaper in transportation.
Compact roll with not curved ends indicates that the mesh was made in primitive conditions on primitive machines with the appropriate quality.
Compact roll with curved ends because of the high cost of equipment are produced by few companies. We supply mesh netting both in compact and in bulk rolls (as you order). 

Quality of chain-link fencing

Chain-link fencing is not subject to mandatory certification in Ukraine, so many manufacturers weave netting without compliance with the technical conditions TU U-322-288-11-95 and TU 14-4-1788-96, or GOST 5336-80.
It means that they deliver chain-link fencing lighter than it is written in their price lists. 

Strength of chain-link fencing
Chain-link fencing strength depends on the amount of metal therein.
The amount of metal in chain-link fencing depends on the wire diameter and the size of the cell.
The less metal, the less strength and less price of chain-link fencing. After all, 70-80% of the cost of chain-link fencing is the cost of the metal.
We checked the diameter of the wire for some large private producers of сhain-link fencing.
Most manufacturers use a wire 0.15-0.2 mm less than it is indicated in the documents.
It means that if you compare the price for chain-link fencing 50*2,0 mm that is manufactured by little producer with the price for chain-link fencing made on a large factory according to GOST 5336-80, it is better to compare with the factory mesh netting 50*1.8. These meshes are approximately identical in most cases, despite the fact that wire diameters in the price different.
Such a situation has developed today in Ukraine in this uncontrolled market.

And now compare. 
Running meter of wire diameter 2,0 mm weighs 0,02466 kg.
Running meter of wire diameter 1,8 mm weighs 0,01997 kg.

Chain-link fence, made wire 1.8 mm, weighs 24.5%!!! less than mesh made ​​of wire of 2.0 mm.
How do you think, how much your wallet will grow thin, if you buy chain-link fence not factory production but "cheap fence", produced by little producers? Add here 10% reduction in weight due to a larger cell and you get a full set of "cheap" chain-link fencing with a low strength.

In fencing, produced according to GOST, it is also possible to reduce the price by means of allowances by reducing the amount of metal in it. GOST 5336-80 limits these tolerances.

  • Cells: may be up to +10% deviation of the average cell size.
  • Width of the fabric of chain-link fencing: tolerances:

    Cell of chain-link fence, mm

    Maximal deviations of width of the fabric, mm

    5 - 8
    10 - 15
    20 - 35
    -1,2 of a cell
    45 - 60
    -1,2 of a cell
  • Height of chain-link fence has negative and cell size has positive tolerance

If you want to put chain-link fence into the sheet made of corner, then you need to buy a chain-link fence, and then weld the frame the corner.
You can order us more stringent tolerances.
In this case, the price for chain-link fencing will increase.


Do You need chain-link fencing to install chap fence?

But considering the cost of pillars for fence and the cost of installation, chain-link fencing turns out into not the cheapest.
You can mount fence cheaper chain-link fencing by reducing the diameter of the wire.
But you will not be able to save on the pillars .
They should be set every 2.5 meters.
If you want to buy the cheapest fence, it can be constructed using field fence TM Kazachka.

Rolls of chain-link fencing in common bulk packaging

  • Field fence itself is 2 times cheaper than chain-link fencing;
  • you can install pillars every 5 meters but not 2.5 meters;
  • it is much stronger than chain-link fence, because even grapes can be grown as on trellis, what you can`t do with the help of chain-link fencing.

That`s why if You want to buy cheap chain-link fencing, better purchase field fence TM Kazachka. It`s cheaper and stronger.

Manufacturing of chain-link fencing

While producing chain-link fence according to GOST 5336-80 low carbon steel wire according to TU 14-4-1563-89 or GOST 3282-74 is used.
Steel grades: St0M, St1KP, St2KP
Wire diameter is very important.
The thicker wire is the stronger chain-link fence is.
Little producers can manufacture not certified chain-link fencing wire not conforming to above set TU and GOST.
Chain-link fence manufacturing is done with the help of semi-automated machines UDAFV-60 german company SKET and machines PE Abakumov,

semi-automated machines UDAFV-60 SKET and machines PE Abakumov
and other types of machines including primitive machines for chain-link fence manufacturing.

Price of chain-link fencing

Price of chain-link fencing depends on the amount, terms of payment, delivery and season.

Weight of chain-link fencing

Weight of roll of chain-link fencing is not limited, so similar chain-link fence differ one another up to 30%, although each of these fences corresponds to TU or GOST 5336-80. The reason is in the presence of tolerances in accordance with GOST 5336-80 or TU. Nevertheless, chain-link fencing our company is very close to the theoretical weight.


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